Palaye Royale has a sound that is undeniably theirs. But during live performances the varnish is seared off leaving the pure punk-rock aesthetic that drew so many of their fans to them. It’s an honest performance style that has emo angsty lyrics sung behind some killer percussion and guitar work all while the band makes excellent use of on stage lighting and pyrotechnics to keep the crowd jumping through the whole show. There’s also a lot of call for the audience to join in with pauses in the song for callouts to get loud, throw your hands up, or to shout.

Speaking of the crowd, The Soldiers of the Royal Council, as Palaye Royale calls them, are known for their wild lively energy. Everyone is there to have a good time and the band does a great job at stoking these fans to be at their best from moment to moment. With concert lengths that tend to be 2-3 hours in length, that’s a lot of positive energy to fill you during this band’s killer setlists.

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