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This is what Glam rock tours are all about! Canadian-American rock legends Palaye Royale are on tour again! Coming to a concert venue near you, this new and exciting glam rock tour by Palaye Royale is anticipated to be their best yet! Don't miss your chance to see Palaye Royale LIVE in concert this season. Grab your Palaye Royale tour tickets today!

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If you haven’t been to a Palaye Royale concert, then you are missing out on one of the biggest art rock bands in the world. Their style and on-stage presence has won them fans ever since their first live performance. Fans and critics alike love this band especially with four albums, dozens of singles and the 2018 Rock Sound Award for Best Breakthrough Artist under their belt. But nothing is better than catching this band for a live performance of their best hits.

We make it easy to keep track of Palace Royale’s latest concert tour dates. You won’t have to miss out when they come to a venue near you. And with a few simple clicks we can help you book the tickets you need to catch the show.

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